Our Story

Little Words Project, the pay-it-forward movement in the shape of a friendship bracelet, started like many good stories do – with a close group of girlfriends. What began in 2010 as a way to keep the love circulating between members of Delta Zeta Sorority at The College of New Jersey has grown into a coveted, charitable friendship bracelet. 

Made out of fine-cut crystals interwoven with a unique, inspirational word, each bracelet has the power to unite girls of all ages. Our customer wears her Little Word for as long as the word continues to resonate with her – then, she passes the bracelet on to someone who may need that bit of inspiration more than she does.  

Each bracelet features a gold-tipped tag with our logo and a number inscribed into it. These numbers may be used to register a customer’s bracelet and track the bracelet’s movement as it travels from wrist to wrist. 

Feel like making someone’s day extra special? Buy them a customized Little Word or simply give them the word off your wrist. Join us in our mission to change the world one Little Word® at a time. 

- Adriana Botti, Founder & Designer