The Project

Little Words Project is a “pay-it-forward movement” in the shape of a friendship bracelet. Made out of fine-cut crystals interwoven with a unique, inspirational word, each bracelet has a higher purpose to unite girls of all ages. The concept is simple; our customer is to wear her Little Word for as long as the word on her wrist provides her the comfort she needs, and then, when the opportunity arises, she is to pass her bracelet on to someone who needs it more than she does. Each bracelet features a gold-dipped tag with our logo and a number inscribed into it. These numbers may be used to register a customer’s bracelet and track the bracelet’s movement as it inspires from wrist-to-wrist.

“Girl World,” as we’ve grown accustomed to calling it, can be an awfully cruel place sometimes; which is why Little Words Project’s mission is to provide girls everywhere with a vehicle with which to bring one another “up”, rather than put one another down.

So purchase your bracelet and join us in our mission to help change “Girl World” one Little Word at a time.

How It Works

Wear your bracelet for as long as you need to…

Pass it on to someone who needs it more…

Share your story by registering your bracelet tag…

Philanthropic Partnerships

Each Month, Little Words Project collaborates with a different non-profit organization to create a fully-customized bracelet that embodies their mission. This featured organization will then receive a large portion of the sales from their customized bracelet as well as a smaller portion of all remaining web sales throughout the month at month’s end. Be sure to keep an eye out for the ever changing bracelets as a particular philanthropy might hold a place close to your heart.

If you are interested in being a featured charity on please contact our founder at

This month’s featured bracelet will benefit the American Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to reducing the financial barriers to potentially life-saving breast cancer screenings and diagnostic tests by providing financial assistance for these procedures to the uninsured and under-served, regardless of age or gender.

ABCF maintains partnerships with medical clinics in metropolitan areas by funding breast cancer screenings to provide reduced-fee breast cancer screenings to ABCF-funded patients.  While medical clinics often refer their patients to ABCF for funding, ABCF also receives calls for assistance nationwide from persons who have knowledge of our grant programs.

By purchasing your “Strenght” bracelet today, you will be benefiting ABCF programs and alleviating some of the financial burden on the countless deserving breast cancer patients they work with. 




Little Words Project Story

Little Words Project Bracelet

Little Words Project Story