We believe that one kind word can change everything for the better. That's why our bracelets are made to be worn and passed on—paying kindness forward one bracelet at a time.

Join us by registering your bracelet and tracking the love it shares from wrist to wrist.

In The Press

"I started Little Words Project because I desperately wanted to do something that would fulfill my desire to help others while also making a difference in the world." -Forbes

"Lizzo paired her soon-to-drop Yitty shapewear with colorful beaded bracelets from Little Words Project, a brand you'll want to pencil into memory — and shop ASAP — because its arm candy will soon be so in demand, you might have a hard time snagging it." -People

"Still super close with your childhood BFF (or even if you've met them a year ago but they're totally your platonic soul mate)? Upgrade old handmade bracelets to this elevated but deeply fun version." -Cosmopolitan

"Why not wear some words of encouragement on your wrist? The Little Words Project aims to inspire people to spread the good, one bracelet at a time." -Oprah Daily

"With 22 color options, four sizes and totally customizable text, this elastic beaded bracelet will let you speak your mind in style." -HuffPost

How It Works

Wear your bracelet to lift you up, then pass it on.

Your Word via the code on your bracelet's charm tag.

To promote self-love and mental wellness.

With someone who needs it more, then track it.


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