The April Foools Line!

If you were wondering why we chose the 10 words we chose for our April Fools line, wonder no longer. Instead of pulling a prank on each other, (watch out Adriana we still might have something in store for you), we decided to launch a ridiculously-silly, flash line. This April fools line is full of exclusive one-day-only bracelets that will remind you to laugh a little when you look down at your stack! Here is an explanation of all the words we chose to help make sure you pick the words that you really, really, need in your life. Cause come on...who doesn't need to be reminded of tacos every day...?

Savage: [adj. sav-ij] - To be absolutely ruthless on a daily basis. When a girl does whatever she wants, and ain't gonna listen to no body, no matter what! 

Slay: [v. sley] - When you just finished putting on your makeup, your favorite outfit, and are heading out with your girls and you glance at a mirror and realize that you slay.

Unicorn: [n. yoo-ni-kawrn] - Your alter ego when you feel like you are on top of the world flying above everything and all of your dreams are coming true.

Tacos: [n. tah-kohs] - Every girls favorite food..other than pizza..but don't worry, we made sure we included that one too. 

Nap Queen: [n. nap-kween] - Not Trap Queen, but similar. The queen of sleeping. You can sleep every minute of the day if you had nothing else important to do. Middle of the day, morning, and night, taking naps is your favorite thing. 

Mermaid: [n. mur-meyd] - Your other alter-ego. This one comes out in the summer when your hair is blessed by the salt of the ocean, and the sun has kissed your skin to give it a nice glow. You also may find yourself posing aggressively on the beach, or taking innumerable amounts of selfies during your vacation trip to Miami. 

Coffee Plz: [kaw-fee-plz] - You are incapable of starting your day without your daily dose of caffeine. Without coffee you are a different woman. Don't talk to you unless you've had your morning cup. 

Salty: [adj. sawl-tee] - When you are secretly annoyed about something, but you aren't ready to discuss the issue yet, so you remain salty knowing something feels unresolved. example: "Mariah, are you still salty that I didn't give you a bite of my salad?" (happens every day at the office when Riva doesn't share.)

Pizza: [ n. peet-suh] - Every girl's other favorite food. You will literally do anything and everything to get yourself to a pizza joint if you are craving a slice at any hour of the day. example: "During the biggest snow storm New Jersey has seen in 10 years, Mariah hiked through conditions seemingly unfit for human contact in order to get a slice of pizza." 

Lit: [adj. lit] - If your life was a switch, it would be "on" at all times. You are on fire, you are energetic, living life to the absolute fullest, yes girl, you are LIT.

So which word are you picking?!? Better act fast, though- this line is only available until 11:59 pm TONIGHT!

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