Happy Birthday, Boss Babe!!

Today is our founder, and boss babe Adriana’s birthday! The girls at LWP and I appreciate Adriana so much for not only being an incredible boss, but an awesome friend. Little Words Project wouldn’t be where it is without every single thing Adriana has done to build this company over the past 3 years. The crazy part is, the fun with LWP has only just begun! For her birthday this year, our team has decided to give our Nice Girl Gang (aka you guys!) a flash sale of some of Adriana’s favorite words and colors of classic Little Words. So basically, it’s Adriana’s birthday, and you guys reap the benefits…pretty sweet, am I right?!

For her 27th birthday, Adriana picked words for you guys that she wants a lot more of in her 27th year. Go grab one of our 27% off bracelets, and pick a word that you need more in your life this year!


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