“I wish someone told me…”

The Nice Girl Gang sat down and pulled together some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way! We are still growing and learning, but here’s what we wish someone told us…

"Don't put off the things you prioritize" – Adriana, 27
The fear of "growing up" had me turning down opportunities and putting things off that I truly prioritized simply because I was in denial that becoming an adult was necessary. As soon as I gave myself over to the inevitability of growth, I started seeing that doors were opening left and right!


“You’re 20s are going to be the craziest time of your life!”Colleen, 32
The different stages of my 20s were some of the highest and lowest points of my life. From securing my first job, breaking up with my ex, finding my future husband, planning a wedding and buying a home – I never #adulted so hard! Despite it all, I wouldn’t change the lessons I learned and the experiences I gained.


“Don't sweat the small stuff!” – Riva, 27
In the long run, the small stuff does not matter so there is no reason to let it affect your day to day happiness. I had a previous job where the CEO let every little thing get to him and would then distribute his stress to the rest of the team in a negative manner. It eventually got to me and I lost sight of what was important. Coming to Little Words Project has slowly but surely reminded me to think about the bigger picture - thanks team!


“Take advantage of experiences instead of putting money at the forefront of all of your decisions!”Mariah, 24
I often skip out on things/events/etc. because I am “saving money”, but then I regret not being a part of the experience. Money comes and goes, so sometimes its OK to NOT work on a Saturday, or maybe spend the extra money on the concert I’ve been dying to see of my favorite artist. Long story short, it’s OK to do things other than save, save, save & shop sale racks!!


“Don't try to please everyone!” – Amy, 27
I've spent most of my life trying to be the person that everyone likes, respects, looks up to, etc. That, friends, is impossible. Everyone on earth has different opinions and acts accordingly (How boring would life be if we were all the same?), which means that you'll drive yourself crazy trying to make each individual human respond to you in a positive way. All you should be concerned with is living life for YOURSELF, making decisions for YOURSELF and always prioritizing the things that make you happiest!  


"To never be afraid to speak up" – Melissa, 22

I used to be afraid to use my voice in fear that I wasn't worthy enough to express myself. But life is too short to go through with regrets. With patience and practice I learned that I am enough. YOU are enough too!

"It's OK to put myself first." – Alex, 24

All my life I have been so concerned with pleasing others and worrying about how others perceive decisions I make. This was most difficult to deal with in high school where half of your brain is concerned with "fitting in." Well, none of it mattered because I later discovered that my "place" in life would be determined by what I want, not by what others want. I often have to remind myself to do what's best for me and my goals, even though others might find it difficult to understand.

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