Introducing This Week's WCW!! Tymber Felts

Thanksgiving is just ONE DAY AWAY!! We are so thankful for our amazing customers who keep our business alive each and every day. Even more so, we are thankful for our biggest supporters, and who we like to call our "Woman Crush Wednesdays" who remind us exactly why we do what we do at Little Words Project!
This week's WCW is Tymber! 
Name/Age: Tymber Felts/19 
Fun Fact! In my free time, I enjoy writing poetry. It helps me to better understand my own feelings. 
How has your Little Word impacted you?
My Little Word bracelet says "be kind," which I very much take to heart. I think it is incredibly important that people remember that we are all human and all face the struggles of life. Being kind in a world that can be so cruel is likely to change someone's day (or even their life) for the better. When I wear my bracelet it is a friendly reminder to always try to see from other people's perspectives, and to always try my best to be kind no matter the circumstances.
Enjoy the holiday weekend Nice Girls, and Happy Thanksgiving! 
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