Good morning Girls! We couldn’t wait another second; today we have officially launched our exclusive Little Words Project App! That’s right, we’ve created the perfect social space for our community to share stories, send bracelets, and build together as Nice Girls. We are super excited for this surprise, and we know you are going to love having the easy access to the Little Words® virtual world right in the palm of your hand. So what are you waiting for, girls? Go download! In the meantime, enjoy the following poem:


The App has Landed

Today is the day! It’s finally here! Seven months of planning, but have no fear! 

A spaceship has landed, and brought something good, Little Word’s aliens have entered our hood. 

You’ve got a bracelet, you’re a Little Words Girl, now it’s time to take this to a whole new world.

So what do you ask is the awaited surprise? Get ready, get set, now open your eyes.

Whip out your Iphone, simple as that, hurry, hurry, hurry GO DOWNLOAD OUR APP!!

We at Little Words Project are happy to share, a virtual community to spread kindness and care. 

Our App is a platform where all Nice Girls can meet; so don’t wait another second, isn’t this surprise sweet?