Happy #LittleWordsThursday, Nice Girls!
This week we want to give you girls a little Peace & Love vibes!
 Today is National Peace Day. I want to encourage you girls to spread Peace today, (and everyday), and keep Love as the most important aspect of your life. Whether its love for your family, your friends, your family, or YOUR SELF, let's all focus on PEACE & LOVE.
LWP is all about empowering and unifying women, and the only way we can do this together is if we keep peace at the forefront of our minds each and every day! 
I challenge you this week to compliment someone, solve an issue differently than maybe you usually would, and keep the peace & love spreading across the world. If you have any grudges you are holding onto, let them go. If you see someone being teased put a stop to it, and stand up to the bully. Tell those you care about how much you love them! 
Join the Little Words Movement and wear Peace&Love on your wrist and hold it's meaning close to your heart! 
Spread Peace and Love, Nice Girls.

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