Happy Little Words Thursday Nice Girls!!

This week I want you girls to be unstoppable! Whatever challenges you face this week enter it with the confidence that you will succeed ! Regardless of your doubts or fears enter into obstacles and believe in yourself. Do not let your fears and doubts stop you from achieving your goals or holding you back, but instead use them to push you towards success and strive for what you want in life!

Here at Little Words Project we believe in you and know that you are unstoppable, and now its time for you to believe in YOURSELF! Take on this week knowing that you are capable and you will achieve the battles that face ahead. 

Join the movement, wear Unstoppable on your wrist and tell us how you stay unstoppable! If you purchase your Unstoppable little words 25% of the proceeds will be donated to 'She's The First' that helps girls in Low - income countries get an education so they too can be unstoppable! 


Jannah Nora

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