#LittleWordThursday: Be Kind

Hi Nice Girls !

Happy Little Word Thursday Nice Girls ! This week I want you girls to be kind, stand up for what you believe is right, and help someone in need. The month of November Little Words Project is working along side Kind Campaign. 

Kind Campaign's efforts have brought awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-on-girl bullying, which is an issue that we at Little Words Project work every day to combat. Our Be Kind bracelet is meant to inspire women to be kinder to one another. And we encourage you girls to be kind to those around you, opposed to push each other down.

Wear 'Be Kind' on your wrist, its meaning in your heart, and act it out everyday. And what is even better is that if you purchase a Be Kind bracelet this month, you will be directly contributing to Kind Campaign's efforts to help women "find their inner kind."

Almost four years ago when our founder Adriana created Little Words Project, she was so inspired by Kind Campaign's mission, she donated the proceeds of her first bracelets to their efforts. Now a few years later, we are partnering with them! 


Jannah Nora