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#NiceGirlsHeartThis: Summer Solstice

Posted on 20 June 2017

Hey #NiceGirls!

Ever find yourself wishing you had more hours in the day? Well, this is your lucky week! Wednesday, June 21 marks the 2017 Summer Solstice! #NiceGirls love learning something new everyday, so here’s our short definition of the longest day of the year:

Summer Solstice

(noun) Latin “sun stands still”

  1. as the sun reaches the highest point in the sky, it appears to literally stand still. It is the longest day of the year. In the Northern hemisphere, this is on June 21.

Looking on the bright side can go a long way. Learn how a positive attitude can transform your life for the better.

More SUN, more FUN. Whether you’ll be in the classroom, at the beach, or in your office, make the most of this hump-day! If you can’t soak up the sun, make your own sunshine. We came up with 10 ways to live sunny-side up any day.

#NiceGirls just wanna have sun:

1. Quote of the day: picking words to live by sets the tone, intention and vibe for your day

2. Watch the sunrise: unlike Netflix, the sun will never ask “are you still watching?” (Also, it’s a peaceful & positive start to your day) 

There's a sunrise and sunset every day. You  can choose to be there  for it. You can put yourself in the way of beauty.  - Cheryl Strayed

3. Sun Salutations: there’s no better start to a positive day than exercise. Do yoga, go for a run, have a dance party, whatever works for you!

When in doubt, dance it out ❤️

4. WCW: tell us about a #GirlBoss in your life & why you look up to her (she may even be featured on our insta as next week’s crush!)

Support your local girl gang | If you are female, you gotta...and males should too, because we support them, and always have. It's not a gender that's the asshole, it's an asshole! Boycott Assholes!...and since the 5 males on the Supreme Court ruled a corporation has religious beliefs, that are against women's healthcare, boycott them too!

5. Treat yo self: practice little (or big!) acts of self-love (eat cake for breakfast, go to a thrift store, decorate your planner)

Treat Yo Self Enamel Pin - Pink Ice Cream Cone by SleepyMountain on Etsy

6. Make an up-beat playlist of your favorite songs

7. Little Mood Boosters: rollerblade, make a summer craft, do a cartwheel, blow bubbles

Follow @we_gotta_slay on Instagram and comment "teen" for a spam

8. Dress 2 Impress: wear the outfit you feel most confident in

Happy Friday!

9. Gratitude Journal: write down the 3 things you’re thankful for/happy about today

•٠·˙✿ ʍγ ςღsγ ρɨиќ ωєєќєи∂ ✿˙·•

10. #ArmParty: have a photo shoot in your Little Words!




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