Introducing Our November Non-Profit Partnership- Purple Elephant!

Happy November, Nice Girls! We have some very special news for you guys as it is officially National Alzheimer's Awareness Month, and the beginning of our month-long partnership with Purple Elephant! This is a Non-Profit organization that is changing the way people view Alzheimer's disease on a global scale. The organization was established in order to provide in-home caregiving relief to families who have been impacted by loved ones with Alzheimer's. With this, the organization has created a space for affected families to feel that they are not alone. Purple Elephant is a champion of Alzheimer's awareness, and a pioneer for Alzheimer's awareness organizations to come.
Here's how we are hoping to help...Little Words Project has teamed up with Purple Elephant featuring a "be strong" bracelet with 25% of all proceeds going straight to the efforts of the organization. Our hope is that this small act of kindness will make a huge impact, and we are ecstatic to have joined forces with this incredible organization.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Purple Elephant Founder and CEO, Caitlin Johnston at the end of this month! Check out the bracelet here, and join our movement of spreading some serious strength! #endalz

“The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.” ~ Unknown

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