This Week's WCW!! Introducing: Adrienne Towry

Happy Wednesday, Nice Girls! 

School is back in session and we hope our Nice Girls are transitioning well! We know you all will kill it this semester, and remember to enjoy every moment and embark on each challenge with strength and bravery! Now on to this week's WCW, Adrienne! 

Name: Adrienne Towry
Fun Fact!: I  LOVE Auburn football and animal rescue
How has your little word inspired you? The bracelet I bought said blessed. I like to be reminded of that often because it’s easy to forget or get down when I truly have an amazing life. I had just started working with a new to me animal rescue group and didn't have friends yet. One day a dog went missing in a rough part of town and I was drawn to help this girl that I had never met track down this dog. While making posters to aide in our efforts she noticed my bracelet and said to me something along the lines of “I knew you were a believer in God because you live it out daily, you don’t know me and you are still helping me”. We talked more and found out we both struggle with anxiety and have had past bouts of severe life altering anxiety. Knowing she suffers from anxiety like me I knew she needed to be reminded (like I did) that she is blessed and she will persevere. I sent her the bracelet with a bible verse and we are great friends now. 

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