This Week's WCW!! Introducing: Alexandra Hafner!

Happy Wednesday, Nice Girls! 

Hoping you're all having a great week! Adriana and I just got back from our trip to Atlanta for the Atlanta Gift Show- and we are pretty much BEAT! Keep an eye out for some BTS pictures and videos of our favorite moments from ATL!

Don't worry girls, we didn't forget our featured Nice Girl this week. Now that we've realized how amazing this WCW feature has been... we've decided to give you girls 25% off your next bracelet if we choose you as our WCW! So this means: register an awesome story and get this awesome discount off your next favorite piece!

Introducing this week's WCW: Alexandra!
Name/age: Alexandra Hafner, age 20

Fun Fact: I am a three time NDA (National Dance Alliance) national champion at both the high school and collegiate level.

How has your Little Word impacted you? I absolutely love this company and its common goal. We have all had to deal with mean girls, as well as face adversity, and I love that LWP unites women and inspires all. We must always remember to be nice to one another and spread kindness, for one word can change someone's life. Each Little Word that I wear daily truly means something special to me and has helped me grow as a person. My Little Words are a constant reminder that I am blessed, to always have confidence, to trust that everything will be okay, to never lose hope, and to always live life to the fullest. I intend to pass my words onto someone who needs it more than I do and only hope that it makes a difference in their life, as it has in mine.
Our WCW's are so special to us, because they are truly the heart of LWP!
Keep it up Nice Girls, you all could be our WCW soon too!

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