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This Week's WCW!! Introducing: Jackie Ciocchetti!

Posted on 10 May 2017

Good afternoon girls, and Happy Wednesday! Adriana and I are finally back from ATS (Accessories the Show) in New York, and even after an exhausting weekend, I couldn't forget to share with you our WCW! This week's girl really impressed us with her registration, and we are delighted to introduce her into our Nice Girl Gang! 

Introducing- Jackie! 

Name/age: Jackie Ciocchetti, 22

Fun fact: I'm passionate about violence prevention initiatives and social justice.

How have your Little Words impacted you: I've worked at a fabulous little gift shop called Gifted for the last three years, and I get to see all kinds of jewelry and merchandise come into the store on a daily basis. When we unpacked the Little Words bracelets, I was so excited! There has never been a jewelry collection that I have been immediately drawn to like that before, and I bought two of them right on the spot!! The LWP concept is so cool; being able to see where your bracelet has been, who else it has inspired and impacted, and then passing that on to someone else is unlike anything I've seen before. It connects people on a totally different level that's unique and a lot of fun. I can't wait to see where my bracelet will travel to and how it will impact the next person!

Keep being awesome, Nice Girls and you could be our next WCW!!



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