Wedding Emergency Kit!

Hii Nice Girls!!

In honor of Adriana getting married to her sweetheart Bill on Friday, I wanted to share will all you Nice Girls some of the must haves for every great wedding emergency kit ! 

The first wedding MUST is a pair of flats or flip flops to keep in your bag! You will spend a ton of time on the dance floor, so your body and un-blistered feet will thank you the next morning for bringing an extra pair of shoes when those heels get to be too much! 

Next must have is extra bobby pins and a hair tie ! Throughout a night of dancing and socializing, your hair is bound to fall in someway, and trust me you'll be happier knowing you have back up!



No wedding emergency kit would be complete with out some extra freshers! Fit in a to-go deodorant or roller perfume to freshen up through out the night!


And lastly, a pack of gum or a package of mints is great to have in any kit! Don't be afraid to eat and enjoy whatever you want just pop in a mint and be confident while socializing! 


What else do you girls have in your wedding emergency kits? 


Jannah Nora

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