Your Word, Your Story

your word your story

Hey, Nice Girls! We're starting a new segment on our blog called "Your Word, Your Story"!  Each month we will look through all of the registration stories we receive and pick a few Nice Girls to feature on our blog.  We want the #NiceGirlGang to feel like a true community, so we wanted to give you all the opportunity to get to know each other a little better! So, if you want the chance to be featured, go and register your bracelets!  This month, we have chosen two lovely Nice Girls to feature.  Read on to learn a little bit about them and their stories!

your word your story

Meet Callie! Above is a picture of her and her "tribe"!  Callie chose the word "tribe", and we just loved her registration story! Her tag number is Lwp59194. Search her tag number on our app to read her cute registration story!
What is your age? 22 years old
What is a fun fact about yourself? I am originally from Texas, so anything and everything to do with Texas, I am obsessed with! 
How has your Little Word Inspired you?  The bracelet makes me want to be a better friend and want to be the friend that people can come to whenever they need someone to talk to and lean on. Every time I look at my bracelet or I see my friends wearing their bracelet, it makes me finally feel like I have found my tribe.
your word your story
Next, meet Cara! Cara chose the word "fierce", and her registration story was so inspiring!  Her tag number is LWP41560 - search her number on the app to read her story! 
What is your age? 25
What is a fun fact about yourself? My brother did a genealogy project in the 7th grade which revealed that we're related to Shirley Temple! (But if you fact check him and that turns out to be wrong, we'll go with the fact that I listen to Christmas music year-round. That one is definitely true.)
How has your Little Word inspired you? My Little Word is fierce...but to me, it also means freedom, redemption, peace, and new beginning. At 25 and merely 2 years into marriage, I am finding myself in the middle of a divorce. I got married to someone who I met in college- a time where we are all learning more and more about ourselves with each passing day. By nature, I am a people pleaser, so I found myself sacrificing things I wanted to do for things he wanted to do. Before I knew it, I suddenly felt that I had been manipulated into sacrificing parts of my very being in order to fulfill what I knew he wanted in a spouse. The scary part was that I was completely unaware that it had been happening. This realization was confirmed 8 months ago when we moved to my hometown and I was again reunited with all of my friends and family- the people who knew me best- and realized that to them, I was a stranger. In a quick and powerful blink, my blinders were broken and I could no longer deny what was in front of me: I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. That moment was a moment of salvation and freedom, yet I knew that there were a lot of steps and a lot of mountains ahead of me...but they would all be worth it, because I AM WORTH IT. I found "FIERCE" and was reminded of the woman I always knew I would grow into...the woman who I lost sight of. In finding my Little Word, I kind of found a little mirror that I can carry with me to reflect who I know that I truly am and empower me to continue through the valleys, storms, trials, and tribulations because...I am fierce and I am worthy!

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