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♥ How long will it take to receive my package?

Your package could take anywhere from 5-7 business days to receive depending on order volume. If you purchased during a sale, you will likely wait a bit longer for your package than if you were to purchase during regular time. Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for more info.

♥Can I ship to multiple locations in one order?

No. If you’d like to ship your packages to multiple locations as gifts, please kindly complete separate transactions to cover the Shipping & Handling costs of each order.

♥ I ordered over 8 days ago, where is my package?

Is it currently a holiday season? Was there a recent sale? If so, your package is likely just around the corner. To be safe, feel free to contact us at to help determine where exactly your bracelet is!

♥ I'd like to put my own word on the bracelet, how do I do that?

We do not currently offer customization in an effort to more efficiently and more quickly send bracelets out to our customers. We have a selection of some of the most popular inspirational words for you to choose from, and we encourage you to find one that's close to the word you had in mind!

♥ Why can't I put a name or nickname on my bracelet anymore?

Little Words Project's mission is all about spreading positive words. When a name is purchased, although it may be special to you, it cannot be something that is passed on to another. Please refer to one of our carefully selected words on our shop page, to find a word that can invoke the same feelings a name may have for you!

♥ Do the bracelets stretch?

Yes, our original bracelets are made with elastic chord and stretch to fit most wrist sizes.

♥ Do you have number beads?

No, we only have letter beads. No symbols or numbers.

♥ What is the purpose of the tag?

The tag’s code serves as your unique tracking code for your bracelet. Simply enter that number here to register your story! This way, you will be fully prepared when the time comes to pass your bracelet on.

♥ Can I shower and wash my hands with my bracelets on?

You are more than welcome to wear them whenever you please, but be aware that your tag number may fade.

♥ The site won’t let me enter my products into my cart… help!

This could be as simple as refreshing your browser and starting from scratch! If the problem persists, contact us at to trouble shoot.

♥ Are these bracelets suitable for children under 8?

Absolutely NOT! We do not suggest that customers purchase bracelets for their young children, ESPECIALLY if they have a tendency to put small objects in their mouths as the bracelets are a choking hazard. 

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