A Word From Our Founder

"Group of Girlfriends"

Hi! I'm Adriana.

If you've made it this far into our site, it means you want to learn more about "the why" of our brand and not just "the what." The best way to tell my story and to answer your questions is, of course, to start at the beginning. 

Growing up, I had a tough time. I was bullied to some degree every year since the 4th grade. People would say and do awful things both in person and online. I never really knew why I experienced it worse than some of my peers, but it happened all the same.

When I got to college I found that the cruelty continued, only this time it was a competitive kind of cruelty, the kind that unfortunately so often exists between women. But I didn’t let any of this keep me from seeking and establishing strong friendships with women – and I did that by joining a sorority.

Now, I know what you must be thinking. "Was this girl crazy? Join a sorority when she'd had constant trouble with other girls?!" In hindsight, it was the best decision I ever made. It was that very group of girls who taught me what true friendship was. As I dealt with negativity from others, my sisters we're always there to carry me through. Of course, you must be wondering where the bracelets came into play. Now, that's the best part. 

I started making these bracelets back in high school to give myself positive reminders such as "Smile" and "Be Fearless". When I came to college and joined my chapter, I wanted to share these positive words with each of my new friends so they too could always remember to have "Strength" or "Be Happy."

I made the first batch of Little Words (formerly known as Warm Fuzzies) as a Sophomore and encouraged each person to wear their word for as long as she needed it, and then to pass it on to a sister who needed it more than she did. The idea was an instant hit. Girls started placing their orders almost immediately, and sisters were sharing their bracelets daily. Pretty soon, these little bracelets became iconic symbols of sisterhood for our college’s chapter. 

After graduation, I thought about the impact these would have if brought to the masses. Wouldn't it be amazing if women everywhere could experience this kind of connection to other women? If kindness was second nature, and giving someone something you valued was expected? 

And so, I decided to launch what is now known as Little Words Project® in hopes of inspiring a culture of kindness among women young and old. 

So join us. Pick a word that means something to you and wait. Wait for someone to come along who could use that very reminder and experience the happiness giving away your bracelet will bring you.

One day, when you come across someone who really needs it, family, friend or total stranger, you will know what to do. And it will be one of the best feelings you've ever felt.