Shipping and Returns



All shipping will be handled by USPS both domestic and internationally.

Given each bracelet's handmade nature, in order to ensure supreme quality for each bracelet, we ask that each customer give us about 3-5 days to complete the order and another 3 days to ship it (excluding holidays).

Customers will rarely have to wait longer than 7 BUSINESS days to receive their order from the time of purchase but we will alert you if we think your package may take a bit longer.

Should you require that your order arrive within the 7 business day time frame, please select our “Rush Shipping" option as that will guarantee delivery in 4-5 business days. 

Please note that we are stationed in NJ so orders on the West Coast will naturally take a bit longer to receive making rush delivery a bit more difficult to achieve.

**We are not responsible for lost packages.


If you are not satisfied with your Little Word®, please send us an email at and let us know your reason for returning. We will then send you an Return Authorization with explicit return instructions. Please note, we are not responsible for the return shipment should you decide to send your bracelet back. Again, we encourage you to instead pass it on to someone who needs it more! 

If WE made a mistake with your order, contact us IMMEDIATELY at to rectify the situation. Given the nature of our small team, unfortunately mistakes may happen but we are certainly willing to fix them for you!

Lifetime Warranty 

Little Words Project offers a Lifetime Warranty on each bracelet. If your bracelet suddenly breaks off your wrist and was not put under any added stress, we at Little Words Project like to take that as a sign that your word has run it’s course, and you no longer need its encouragement any more! While we do offer to completely fix your bracelet upon receiving its broken remains, we do highly suggest that customer’s pick a new word in its place. 

We do, however, reserve the right to refuse fixing your bracelet if we believe the item was intentionally damaged or had been misused. To open a discussion about a broken bracelet, please contact us at

Little Words Project Bracelets are not suitable for children under 8 years of age as they are a choking hazard.