Compassion- By You

Bead Pattern: Check You Out

“You don’t need to know someone to be there for them. Compassion starts with the understanding that everyone you meet is fighting their own battle of which you know nothing. On my watch, I will help others and be there for them, without them asking. We are all part of the human race and face challenges, and when you realize that, compassion becomes easy." -Ruqiyya Hamid, LWP Customer & Kind Crew Ambassador

Kindness in action. Wear this beaded bracelet to remind you to choose compassion whenever you can.

A little reminder to register your bracelet! When you've passed it on, you can track its journey to see who else it's inspired.

• Hand-crafted, fine cut crystal beaded bracelet
• Available in acrylic letter beads
• Plated brass hardware
• Elastic stretch bracelet
• Handle with care - do not wet
• Prop 65 compliant


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