Giveback- Zebra Strong

Letter Color: White

The Zebra Strong bracelet was created to support Dysautonomia International (DI). DI is a non-profit that has the goal of improving the lives of individuals living with autonomic nervous system disorders. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for bodily functions we ourselves don’t consciously control, like breathing, heart rate, digestion, temperature regulation, etc.

Why the Zebra? It is often taught in medical school that doctors should look for the common diseases rather than the rare: “When you hear the sound of hooves, think horses, not zebras.” The Zebra represents the rare diseases that are often overlooked. Patients can go many years not receiving a proper diagnosis because sometimes it really is a Zebra and not a horse. Autonomic nervous system disorders are often considered Zebra disorders because they aren’t as well known. Let’s change that by getting the word out there!

Little Words Project will donate 25% of the proceeds from sales of the Zebra Strong bracelet to Dysautonomia International

A little reminder to register your bracelet! When you've passed it on, you can track its journey to see who else it's inspired.

• Hand-crafted, crystal beaded bracelet
• Available in acrylic beads
• Plated brass hardware
• Elastic stretch bracelet
• Handle with care - do not wet
• Prop 65 compliant


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